Saturday, August 5, 2017

My Sabbath

Some of you know how I feel about God’s Sabbath versus Emperor Constantine’s sabbath. Still, I know that it’s not strict adherence to the law that saves us, but the holy blood of Yeshua (Jesus), so I try not to brow-beat others who disagree with me, no matter how angry and offended some of them get (and some do occasionally). Those folks may find it quite hypocritical of me that I don’t keep the Sabbath 100% myself (not that anyone probably could, if you went by Jewish tradition). I don’t do any work of any kind, but if the missus wants to cook or eat out, I don’t argue with her. Nor do I fuss about doing some of our grocery shopping on that day. It’s not my preference to do these things, but she doesn’t believe as I do, having been brain-washed into the traditions of men. Since I believe that the Lord will forgive me for trying to keep peace by not following the rules 100%, I quit long ago trying to convince my wife that we shouldn’t be doing these things.

That being said, I began my Sabbath yesterday evening by ceasing the posting of political matters on Facebook and Blogger. Perhaps the Lord wouldn’t care, but I figure it gives a break to both my readers and myself, plus, I believe it shows a little respect for the Lord not to be bringing the vanity of politics into the day. Sometimes I forget and post something political without thinking, but if I realize it later, I take the post down.

It’s usually my custom to say several short prayers through the day, either on a single subject in my own life, or for the needs of others. At bedtime, though, I usually read a little scripture and say a longer prayer to try and set all things in my life right with the Lord. Currently, I’m studying my way through Genesis as my scripture reading, using a King James Bible, a Halley’s Bible Commentary and the study notes in a NASB Bible.

Today, the missus wanted to take what money was left over from paying our property taxes and buy lunch out at a “moderately priced” chain restaurant. The food wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t anything to brag about either. The small steak I ordered tasted fine and was cooked properly, but the green beans were rather tasteless and neither they, nor the mashed potatoes, had the slightest hint of the garlic that the menu promised. Since I take water pills, I had to make a run to the men’s room while we were there. On my return, I told my wife that the restroom would require a putty knife, a scrub brush, some Comet Cleanser, some bleach, a water hose and a full day’s work to return it to true cleanliness. Remember the old saying that a restaurant’s kitchen is usually about as clean as its restrooms? (Shudder)

I looked at Chinamart for saw palmetto, the natural substance I use to replace the expensive medicine that I would now have to buy on my own, since Medicaid now considers me rich and took away my benefits. Saw palmetto seems to work as good as the medicine and has an interesting positive side effect, as well. Unfortunately, this was the third Chinamart I’d checked and they’ve all been out. I then checked Kroger’s, who apparently doesn’t stock it, and then Rite-Aid, whose price was about double what I wanted to pay. Oh well, I guess I’ll just dribble down my leg. (Joking.)

Tonight, after the sun goes down, I’ll go back to harassing my readers with political posts. I hope you enjoyed the break and I hope you had a pleasant Sabbath. © 2017


Lady Locust said...

That's funny (not funny, but peculiar, odd, word???) that people would be upsets over which day you recognize sabbath. Fist, how many time has the calendar been changed since the Bible was written? Second, aren't we supposed to be Christian every day? I always figure if someone is trying for the Lord, they're trying for the right reason. Have a wonderful evening and hope they restock your "meds" soon.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Disagreeing with the wife could evolve into hard work so you may be actually working less if you agree with what she wants to do.

Gorges Smythe said...

Well, LL, I've got strong feelings about it, yet I don't get upset about it. We can have church services every day of the week, and some big Catholic churches do. Nothing wrong with that. My meds were there today, so I got TWO bottles.

That's the way I see it, SF!